What's Next?

With THE FOUR HATS being officially released, in the words of Jay-Z it's on to the next one. The question is - what is the next one? There's the original game we'd started last spring, that's kind of turned into a beast of a thing. We learned a lot doing FOUR HATS and our first game is looking rough around the edges by comparison. There's some retooling needed there but we have some thoughts on it.

There's a smaller game that Sal was making on his own when I'd have to concentrate on my book work. Since then I've added ideas and art to it and now it's probably further along than the original game idea, just smaller in scope.

There are a handful of really great-idea big games, and I think we're both really excited to dive into those, but it only seems right to give a good release to these earlier ideas we've spent so much time on. I'd like to have a few games under our belts before we tackle those, and I need to learn more about animation and maybe get my feet wet in unity and blender.

There's also the silly non-game "Breadit" that we did in a few days and is on the app store now, and we're toying with the idea of a video podcast centered on gaming, indie games, game dev, and all things Taco Graveyard.

Whatever comes next, you can expect it sooner than later! We have a lot of ideas for 2012 and we're working around the clock on them!