Breaking Radio Silence

It's been a couple weeks since we've written about any of our projects. After the release of Omegapixel, we jammed at Ludum Dare, experimented with new tech stacks, and prototyped a bunch of new ideas. Three of the ideas came out ahead of the others and we put together bigger demos.

A Mysterous Project

The first of these ideas involves this guy:

He just might be a hero. Or a bobbly head doll. Either way, he is part of a bigger project that won't see the light of day for awhile. RPGs take awhile to make. There I said it. I admitted that we are in fact working on an RPG. Anyway, it is a big project and longer term than anything else that we've worked on. We don't plan on going years between releasing projects, so we have a few other projects in the interim.

Would You Like A Puzzle With Your Puzzle

The second idea is a puzzle game that we code named "Stupid Overly Complicated Puzzle Game". It is easy to play with just the right amount of challenge once you understand how to play, but it is difficult to explain. The driving idea behind it was to turn the Game of Life into an actual game by adjusting the rules.

We have released the game to a small audience, received very helpful feedback, and we are working on ways to remove "Stupid Overly Complicated" from the code name.

At least it's pretty:

ZOMG Action!

Just look at these guys:

They just scream "action hero"! They must have been busy saving the world against evil. Or something. I would bet on the "or something" category. Probably something involving tacos.

These two characters are part of a running joke that we have been laughing at for awhile. We decided to share that joke with the world now that we have a game mechanic for them to fit into.

This will be the first of the three ideas that we will release. The visual style and gameplay is different than any of our released titles and we will share more over the coming weeks. For now we leave you with these questions:

  • Who are these guys?
  • What are they up to?
  • Is that blood or Sriracha sauce?
  • Why isn't this about the 80's?

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Four Hats Teaser

We've been working like around the clock like numbers one through twelve and are now wrapping up production on the full version of The Four Hats. Here is a little teaser:

The Four Hats was originally our Ludum Dare 22 Jam entry. We enjoyed playing our little creation so much, that we decided to turn it into a fully fledged game. We will be posting a gameplay trailer soon, more artwork, and details on taking a game from a 72 hour jam entry to a full game.

We will also be releasing a free version of the app, which will be the same as our LD entry plus some extra free goodness thrown in.

For now enjoy the screen shots: