RIP Sketchshare

Sketchshare had an amazing run even though it was rather short. Sketchshare was a great app; he was the kind of app that would allow you to work collaboratively when you most needed to. Unlike most sketching apps, he had usefulness above and beyond drawing a doodle.

I remember when I first met Sketchshare. @abitofcode had announced his birth on Twitter and the cocos2d forums. As I got to know Sketchshare, I was jealous that I had not built Sketchshare, a complement to his parents, @abitofcode and @creativewax.

Sketchshare's removal was sudden. When I heard the news I could not believe it. Sketchshare was so young, but that short life was lived wonderfully. Featured by Apple, adored by critics, loved by fans. The amazing art that his existence facilitated will be missed.

Sketchshare has been taken from us by Apple. This is not a time for us to grieve but to remember that we do not know how long our apps have on this platform. We must live and develop accordingly. As developers it will always hurt when our apps are taken away. As users the pain is just as real.

Sketchshare will be forever missed and I hope that someday I will meet him again. I am thankful that I was given the chance to have know the app named Sketchshare.

For some background information go read @abitofcode's blog.