Penumbear - Crunchtime

We have been under a self imposed crunch over the last week. We chose to sit out of last week's Ludum Dare and jam on some Penumbear issues instead. We usually work remotely, but we worked and lived out of the same office for the entire weekend. We came out of the weekend with a solid plan for turning Penumbear into a playable demo. The rest of the week was spent crossing off the final items off our todo.

Current Status

We now have a playable demo that we are sending out to a few people for feedback. The demo encludes the game's first "zone", but it stops prior to the first big boss. The demo is built to run on the iPad and on OSX. We weren't happy with how constricted everything felt on the iPhone, so we are holding back from that device for now.

We also have the full story planned out and have concept art for the remaining zones.

What's Next

With the core of the game in place, we are left with all of the fun bits. We will be scripting boss encounters, building levels, and adding new zones. Once the current round of testing is complete we will be opening up the test group to a wider audience.

One of the other things for us to consider is what platforms we should be targeting. In addition to iPad we plan on supporting the iOS GameDock. We are also looking to port to the OUYA and possibly other consoles. Steam is another possibility. If you have thoughts on where you would like to play Penumbear, please let us know either in the comments or on Twitter.

If you haven't already, sign up for announcements related to the upcoming beta here.