Four Hats 1.1

Four Hats 1.1 has been submitted to Apple, now with more cowbell! We took all of the feedback that we received, sprinkled it with cowbell, and packaged it into an update. The big changes are an updated control scheme, a new game mode, and skips.


There were times when switching between four characters and using their abilities was a bit like doing gymnastics with your fingers while riding a unicycle on a tight rope over shark infested waters. It worked well once you got the hang of it but the learning curve was a bit steep.

We simplified the controls by removing the action button. Now switching to a character will immediately use that characters ability. The gameplay is still fast paced, but your fingers no longer have to wildly flail to keep up.

If you are absolutely in love with the old controls, then you can switch back to them in the settings menu.

Endless Mode

You can now ensure that the crowd will catch you by playing Endless Mode. In Endless Mode the level gets progressively harder and the crowd gets faster the further you go. Each of the four songs has it's own endless level where you can test your limits by running until your inevitable capture. When you unlock a new song, you unlock a new endless level.


Song skips can now be purchased to jump ahead and unlock content before you beat the prerequisite levels. You can also choose to unlock every level and song all at once. It is not necessary to buy skips. You can choose to beat everything the old fashioned way.

What's Next?

Our primary focus is on our next title, but we will continue to support and update Four Hats in response to your feedback. Two things we are considering include Game Center and OpenFeint integration. Tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen.