Breading - Yeah We Went There

Breading, the act of putting a slice of bread around your cat's head, has been in the news lately. Check out coverage over at Gawker, Discovery, Refinery29, Neatorama, and even the International Business Times. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that thanks to Taco Graveyard there is now an app for that.

My girlfriend revealed to me that she had been trying to bread the cats, but was unable to get them to sit still and accept their fate. I coded up an app that allowed her to take a picture of the cats and virtually bread them. Steve scanned in additional slices of bread, prettied up the app, and then we unleashed it on the App Store.

You can check out a gallery of pictures created using BreadIt over on our Facebook page. You will see that breading has moved on from cats to just about anything you can imagine.

Update: There is a BreadIt giveaway over at