You Keep Talking, But Nobody Cares

A few of our early blog posts received a moderate number of views. Nothing to write home about, but we were pretty excited given that we hadn't even told anyone that we had started this thing. We continued our journey down the indie game dev path and would occasionally post about what we were up to or where we were going. No one cared. In retrospect I am not surprised, how many times do I continue to check in on games I can't play from developers I don't know?

There are a few reason I read game dev blog posts:

  • Learn something new (tech, business, marketing, etc)
  • Solve a problem I am battling
  • Read about a game I enjoyed
  • Read about an upcoming game from a dev I know

There are a few reasons I write:

  • Record/share an experience
  • Record/share a solution to a problem
  • Talk about what I am doing
  • Work through ideas
  • Promote current projects

Looking at these two lists in combination with the reception to various posts has led me to several conclusions that are likely obvious to someone who has done this before.

Blogging As A First Date

On a first date it is important to balance the discussion between sharing things about yourself and learning about the other person. If every blog post you write is about yourself, then your audience will likely get bored. Balance your needs as a writer with those of your readers.

Blogging As Product

Time is money. Consider someone reading your blog as a form of payment. In exchange for it they expect to get something. I've heard that the products that sell best are the ones that either make the buyer money or get them laid. Well, as an indie game dev I can't promise you either of those, but I can try to provide lessons that I learn along the way to hopefully help others.

What Does This Mean?

I am not going to stop writing to work through ideas. In fact this post served that exact purpose. I just no longer expect anyone to read posts like this or about unreleased games. I will also try to get back to writing more about solving problems and things I have learned.