Penumbear: Animation Screen Caps

This is part of our series on Penumbear. Check out the introduction to the series, an overview of the tools we are using, and some early koala animation.

Steve started animating moths this week. Here is a screen capture of the process:

And here they are in game:

Here is another screen capture of Steve animating the koala as he lights some lamps:

If you have any questions for Steve on the tools he uses, the process, or anything else, then please ask!

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Penumbear: It Moves

This is part of our series on Penumbear. Check out our introduction to the series and an overview of the tools we are using.

Spent the night making this little koala-guy walk, jump, breath, twitch his ear and blink. This dood's awesome.

We had some issues using Screenium to capture video of the animation process. If you know of a good replacement that works on Mountain Lion, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

Updated with gratuitous screenshot: