Unity: Day 1

(This is Day 1 but part two in a series of posts that started here.)

Today was my first day with Unity. I downloaded the 1GB installer here. I choose to activate the free version of the software rather than the 30 day trial of the Pro version because I want to save that opportunity for when I have a clue.

When the software launched for the first time it had a demo project loaded. I played around with the interface for awhile, tested out the demo, and tried to get a feel for the IDE. The IDE is very visual. I didn't know what I was getting into so this was a bit of a shock. I kept looking for a way to switch over to a code view. It may be there, but I haven't stumbled across it yet.

Knowing that randomly clicking around wasn't going to get me very far, I decided to start looking for a good tutorial to follow. I decided to go with the 2d Gameplay Tutorial available on the Unity3d site: http://unity3d.com/support/resources/tutorials/2d-gameplay-tutorial.

2D Gameplay Tutorial

The first thing I did was run the sample code provided by the tutorial. The physics felt very buggy. Knocking a box over would occasionally cause it to fly around on the screen wildly until it found it's original resting position again. It is just a sample project, but this did not give me the warm and fuzzies.

The tutorial mostly covers how to wire things together using the interface. The process of loading new assets into Unity is not covered in this tutorial. I was slightly disappointed that this wasn't a ground up tutorial. Wiring a bunch of existing components together is fine for gaining comfort in the interface, but it didn't leave me comfortable with building something from scratch.

When I wrapped up the tutorial I had a better feel for the UI and a basic understanding of how to attach scripts. It was a decent tutorial, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I want a HELLO WORLD!


In the next session I will be looking into building something from an empty project. If I can't find any materials that cover this in detail, then I will write up a tutorial.