Bend time & space to defend the last pixel in retro 80s homage Omegapixel!

It’s the second eighties – 2085 to be exact, and Mohawk Jones and his crew are working their daily shift protecting the Omegapixel, the last of its kind. For reasons unknown to even them, scores of aliens and giant evil planets all want the pixel, to harness its energy for… something.

Omegapixel is an action defense game done in an 8-bit retro style. Teleport the Omegapixel to safety while you smash headlong into its pursuers. Uncover enemy and boss patterns to prevent Omegapixel’s capture.

Now available on the App Store:

Omegapixel originally came out of a bought of insomnia in late 2011. The prototype was programmed during fits of sleep deprevation induced hallucinations. The prototype was a ton of fun to play, but it was put aside to work on other projects. It has since been picked back up and is now ready for your retro gaming enjoyment.


4.5 of 5 iFanzine Review, "skillfully recalls the 80s arcade experience". Also check out their preview coverage

PocketNext gives it the thumbs up, "Omegapixel manages to be refreshing and nostalgic at the same time".

4 of 5 TouchArcade Review, "It's stressful, but the kind of stress that leaves your senses crackling from adrenaline."

82% Review, "comedic and entirely too addicting"

4 of 5 148Apps Rreview, "an absolute steal for a solid arena survival game"

4 of 5 Tap! Magazine Review

Beta Gameplay Footage

This one is washed out, but it shows us playing on the iPad:

User Reviews

"This game is such an original take of the old dual stick shooter that it gives me goosebumps!"

"Better fuel up with a pile of tacos, you will need the sustenance as you spend some late nights playing this super retro-style game!"

"Flawless controls. Enjoyable story. Challenging gameplay. Awesome power ups to work towards. This game is an unsung hero."

"Excellent retro throwback. Polished experience rich in features."

"Wow!!! Blown away!!!"

Early Prototype Screenshot

Prototype Gameplay Footage

The Evolution Continues

Concept Art

A watercolor by Stephen Emond