Four Hats

Available on the App Store!

The Four Hats in "Hat Tricks": Rockstars have it hard. Millions of adoring fans, mountains of cash, and no alone time. How is a musician supposed to write new music when chased by the paparazzi or the hordes of adoring fans? In order to find the solitude that you crave and unlock your inner muse, you must outrun fans and make your way to the studio. Don't get caught by the paparazzi on your way there or your creative energy will be sapped dry.

Four Hats was our Ludum Dare 22 project. We conceived of and created the entire game in 72 hours. You can check out our live blog of the experience here. You can check out our post mortem here. The game is for iOS and was built using cocos2d and chipmunk. We had so much fun playing the game that we decided to build it into a full game and release it on the App Store.

  • Help the Four Hats escape their murderously passionate fans
  • Play across 36 Levels and 4 distinct worlds
  • Play as 4 unique characters each with a special hat power
  • Listen to 4 original full length songs
  • Collect over a hundred hats
  • Universal App
  • Start on iPhone, continue on iPad w/ iCloud autosaving

Four Hats is available on the App Store now: Available on the App Store!.

You can also listen to the first few tracks on The Four Hats' EP Hat Tricks on Band Camp

<a href="" _mce_href="">Hat Tricks by The Four Hats</a>


#13 in SlideToPlay's "A Year of Indie: The Very Best of Under The Radar"

"iGamers can expect a fun title that delivers buttery-smooth action, great controls and quirky visuals from this one. Not to mention a liberal sprinkling of pop-culture gags and a truly excellent original soundtrack." - Hands-on preview of Four Hats over at You can also check out their full review here (4.0 out of 5).

"gameplay that blends Blizzard's classic The Lost Vikings with modern autoscrolling platformers." - Coverage at

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"The premise seems lighthearted enough, but The Four Hats' fans aren't simply adoring -- they're murderous!" - Best of iOS News at Gamasutra

"a delightful hidden gem" - SlideToPlay's Review (3 out of 4)

"jump over obstacles, dodge photographers and escape to the tour van before you get mauled" - Appolicious Fresh Apps