Four Hats roundup

The FOUR HATS game is out now for iPhone/iPod/iPad, any of your i-devices. You can still buy it here, of course! 

I think more than billions of sales, we really wanted to get some coverage out of this game, and basically make an announcement that Taco Graveyard is here, we’re making games, more is coming so please keep an eye out for us. 

That said, we got some reviews and most people seem to agree it’s a fun and addicting little game with a few new ingredients. says “…gameplay that blends Blizzard's classic The Lost Vikings with modern autoscrolling platformers…. The choppy animation makes the band's inevitable death even more hilarious/disturbing.”

Slide to Play says “fluid animation with vivid locales, hilariously obnoxious fans, and silly obstacles … lend a colorful lilt to a solid premise.” 

iFanzine says “Hilarious premise, intuitive yet challenging gameplay; incredibly catchy original soundtrack.”

We also had a FOUR HATS party about a week ago. I almost didn’t make it due to some blinding headache sickness that kept me in bed all day Saturday, but magically it cleared up around 8:30 and I headed right over to Sal’s. It was a blast seeing a large group of people taking turns trying to complete each level. I worried it might be toohard or they’d crap out early on, but there were a handful of good players that picked up on the “character switching” mechanics fast and between the bunch of ‘em got all the way up to level 2-6 or 2-7! It’s really fun to watch a group of people cheering when someone finishes a level or yelling out “OH!!!!!” when they get snagged by that last second paparazzi. I tried to get some footage but never seemed to have my phone out when the crazy stuff would happen! That said, here’s a picture of the real life Four Hats (they were modeled after myself, Sal, our friend Chris who did the music and Sal’s girlfriend Cori):